How to turn your robot On and Off

This article will demonstrate how to turn your robot on and off for the first time.

Once you've finished unpacking your robot, you'll probably be eager to get it up and running! Here's a step-by-step guide on how to turn your robot on (and off) for the very first time!

Turning On Your Robot

  1. Following battery installation, ensure that the foot switch is turned ON.
  2. Next, plug your robot into the power adapter, and the power adapter into a standard outlet.
  3. Your robot should turn on once connected to power!
  4. You will know your robot is ready to go when they greet you and you see the Home Page on the chest screen. 


*Please note: It can take up to two minutes to power on your robot. 

Turning Off Your Robot

  1. On the home screen you will select  Power > Shut Down.
  2. The robot will say goodbye.
  3. Carefully lay your robot on a solid surface with its head hanging slightly off the edge.
  4. On the robot’s bottom left foot, flip the Switch to “Off.”