Accessing RoboKind Phonics Teacher Tools

Teacher Tools are located on RoboKind Central to support you with classroom resources, reference sheets, and lesson plans.

RoboKind Phonics teacher tools have been created to support running RoboKind Phonics lessons, and include important documents such as the curriculum Scope & Sequence and Visual images of the learning centers.

To locate RoboKind Phonics Teacher Tools, log into using your email address and password. 

Click on the icon “Teacher Tools” on the left of your screen

Teacher Tools

First, let's explore the General tab!

In the General Section, you’ll have access to System Resources such as articles for Getting Started, Robot Network Connectivity, RK Central, and another access point to


System Resources


You’ll also have access to printables to use for coloring activities



Next, let's take a look at Phonics resources!

The Phonics tab hosts all teacher and classroom resources for our new Phonics program.


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