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How to set-up your robot in your classroom for RoboKind Social Skills

When setting up your robot, it’s important to think about your classroom and your students. This is a personalized learning experience.

We recommend you setup a “RoboKind” Station in a designated area of your classroom. Here are some examples:


Some items to consider:

  • It might be a good idea that your station is in the corner or surrounded by a divider to limit classroom distractions.
  • It’s important your table is large enough for two devices and for your robot so it can move and dance. It’s also recommended that a power outlet is nearby.
  • You may want to setup a Visual schedule which you can find in your Teacher Tools on RoboKind Central.
  • Your robot is able to move outside of it’s station- for instance when you have circle time or group lessons with the class.


There are many ways to setup your RoboKind station and we love hearing about what is working in your classroom. Please share pictures or videos of yours with us on social media!