Using the RoboKind Phonics Goal Tracker

Effectively monitor student progress with the RoboKind Phonics Goal Tracker

The Goal Tracker is a report card that showcases student progress through RoboKind Phonics Level 1.


Accessing the Goal Tracker:

  • Log into RK Central.

  • Navigate to "Manage Students"

  • Upon opening, locate the student's name and click on the graphic/icon next to it.

  • Select "Phonics Report Card" to view the student's Goal Tracker.



Navigating the Goal Tracker:

Here's an example of what the Phonics Goal Tracker looks like for your student's Report Card:


  • Under "controls", there's a dropdown box to select the specific unit.

Lesson Details:

  • View the lessons completed by the student and the respective dates.

  • Check if the student achieved mastery for each lesson and view the corresponding percentage score.

    • The score is derived from the student's answers to five questions within the lesson (3 multiple choice and 2 yes/no).

    • A score of 80% or higher earns a green flag, indicating mastery.

    • Scores below 80% earn a yellow flag, indicating the student is still learning.

Facilitator's Evaluation:

  • View the facilitator's overall evaluation of the student after each lesson, rated from 1-5 (with 5 being the best).

  • See the facilitator's rating of the student's level of engagement, also rated from 1-5.

  • Access the results of the student survey, showing the student's feelings during the lesson.

Visual Representations:

  • On the right side, view a Mastery pie chart displaying the student's overall performance.

  • Observe a pie chart representing the student's mood.

  • See the average facilitator evaluation and average facilitator engagement level rating.

    • These visuals are generated from the data displayed on the left side of the visuals.

Additional Lesson Details:

  • Click on a specific lesson.

  • On the right side, view pre and post lesson notes entered by the facilitator.


Exporting the Report:

  • Click on the three dots located at the top right of the report.

  • Choose to export the data as a CSV or Excel file.


Viewing Overall Performance:

  • Click on the "Level 1 Overview" tab at the top.

  • This provides a comprehensive view of the student's performance across all units, including visuals of mastery and the student's mood.


  • Regularly check the Goal Tracker to monitor student progress and adjust implementation strategies as needed.

  • Use the facilitator's evaluations and student surveys to gain a holistic understanding of the student's experience.

  • Share the report with the student's support team to ensure collaborative efforts in supporting the student's learning journey.