About Us: RoboKind History and Impact

At RoboKind, we are dedicated to harnessing the power of technology to transform the learning experiences of students across the globe.

RoboKind's programs are used in hundreds of districts and are designed to scale, maintaining fidelity across multiple sites without requiring additional staff.  Our mission is to make learning enjoyable, interactive, and effective for all students, regardless of their learning needs.

We offer two main programs: RoboKind Social Skills and RoboKind Phonics.

RoboKind Social Skills

The RoboKind Social Skills program, previously known as robots4autism, is a comprehensive tool designed to support educators in improving outcomes for students with special needs.

The program integrates a multidisciplinary developmental behavioral approach, leveraging principles of speech language pathology, occupational therapy, and applied behavioral analysis (ABA). The program uses facially-expressive assistive robots or avatars that can simulate most human facial expressions and display custom flashcards during lessons to reinforce vocabulary.

The robots, combined with a tablet-delivered curriculum, work to facilitate social skill generalization. The Social Skills program is easy to implement and can be seamlessly integrated into students' daily and weekly schedules. 

Research over the past decade has consistently shown measurable impacts on students with deficits in social skills. The program also offers professional learning for educators, with sessions tailored to the individual needs of educators, schools, or districts. To ensure equity in learning, the program has been digitized to facilitate remote and blended learning, making it a powerful tool for improving social-emotional outcomes regardless of location.

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RoboKind Phonics

RoboKind Phonics is a cutting-edge solution that combines the science of reading with advanced technology. This program is designed to accelerate early literacy through a play-based, explicit, and systematic phonics program.

RoboKind Phonics is unique because it's the only phonics program that incorporates a humanoid robot or avatar into its curriculum, which helps keep students excited and engaged. The program uses research- and evidence-based practices developed by former educators and experts in early childhood reading. It provides a multi-sensory approach known as I-VAKT (Interactive, Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Tactile), which includes technology and various learning materials to engage students. Each lesson is structured, lasting for about 30 minutes and includes target sound practice, word building, writing, reading, and assessments.

RoboKind Phonics can be implemented individually for targeted intervention, in small group settings, or to the entire class, offering flexibility based on student needs. The program makes learning to read a fun and enjoyable experience for students, leading to measurable progress in early literacy achievement.

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