I'm unable to login to the RoboKind Companion App!

Password Assistance

RoboKind Central and the Companion app use the same login credentials. To troubleshoot your RoboKind password, please learn more here!

Still having trouble logging in?

If you have already followed the troubleshooting instructions for your credentials, and are sill having trouble logging in, there are some other steps we can try!

  1. First, verify that the iPad has an active Internet connection and can load our web page  https://www.robokind.com.
    1. If this fails, work with your IT team to check the iPad’s internet connection and permissions.

  2. Please ensure that the following websites are correctly classified and not being blocked by web content filtering software.

    1. For any web content filtering software that is installed, verify that www.robokind.com and robokind.us are classified as allowed educational software. 

  3. Submit a support ticket at www.robokind.com/support and request that RoboKind verify the account email address. (In cases of migration, it is possible to end up with 2 accounts with similar email addresses which can cause issues.)

If the issue remains, it may be related to device restrictions. Please work with your IT department to determine if there are any settings that can be adjusted to enable access.