Moving Students and Facilitators in RK Central

"Drag and Drop" feature allows you to quickly move students and staff to different school sites.

Once logged into RoboKind Central you can utilize the Drag and Drop feature to move students and facilitators to different schools. 

In the image below, "Wilbur Student" is being moved from Willow Elementary to Aspen Middle School.

RKC entral


If a student or facilitator is moved to a different school site, they will no longer be enrolled in their classroom. The following pop-up message will occur to confirm the change:

rkcentral 2

Note: If you move your students to a different organization in RoboKind Central, you'll need to associate the student to a new classroom. Here's how to do that!


Note: Be sure to "SAVE" your changes before leaving the webpage to ensure that your Drag and Drop updates have been applied.