Broadcasting Virtual Avatar Lessons to Interactive Board, TV, or Projector

It may be helpful to broadcast RoboKind lessons from an iPad or computer screen to a larger display, such as a TV or Projector. This can be very helpful for group lessons.

One easy solution is to use an Interactive Board instead of an iPad via our Web Companion.

Note: Your Interactive Board must be connected to a network or wifi

Go to the "RoboKind Companion App" on your facilitator device. Select “Facilitator” and log in. 

To add the interactive board as a student device, select “Add Student Device”.

Name your board in a way that lets you know which device it is (ex: Interactive Board). Generate a code to use as you would any other student device. For help with connecting devices, click here!

On your board, open an internet browser and go to Select “Student”.

Enter the code provided on your facilitator device and select “Connect”.

 On your facilitator device, select “Board” and “Use Virtual Avatar”, then select “Connect”. 

You can now use your board to run group lessons with your virtual avatars!

Note: You might want to turn the volume down on your facilitator device


Alternatively, you can broadcast from an iPad to a TV or projector! There are dongles that can be plugged into an iPad to then broadcast to a TV or projector with an HDMI port.

Newer devices may also support mirroring to an Apple TV or Air Play compatible TV:

    • For TV’s that have HDMI ports but do not have Apple Airplay, you could purchase an Apple TV device, to which you could then wirelessly broadcast from the iPad.

    • A few newer TV’s support Apple Airplay-2 which can be used to wirelessly broadcast from an iPad without additional hardware.

    • Use AirPlay to stream video or mirror the screen of your iPhone or iPad 

Broadcasting from Windows 10 to a TV or projector: 

    • If you are teaching a lesson using Web Companion , it may be possible to broadcast from your computer to a smart TV.