Connecting your Robot to 5GHz WiFi using a 5GHz Wifi Adaptor

Before beginning:

  1. Ensure that you have an external USB 5Ghz WiFi adapter received from RoboKind.
    1. This can be found in your getting started instruction package, along with an optional USB elbow
  2. Update your robot to the current software version

How do I find my robot's software version? >

Learn more about updating your robot >


Setting Up Your 5GHz Adaptor:

Enable the external adapter for use on the robot:

  • Plug the External 5GHz Wireless Adapter into the robot's rear panel USB port.
  • On the robot control panel select Utilities > Network > Wireless Adapter > Use External and confirm reboot.

When the robot reboots, it will use the adaptor to connect with nearby 5GHz networks. Your robot will support connecting with previously configured 2.4GHz networks.

If your desired 5GHz network uses a different SSID from the one(s) you have configured, learn how to setup the new network here.


Robots in “External” mode will not be able to connect to any WiFi network unless an external adapter is connected. If you no longer wish to use a 5GHz network, simply switch the settings back to Utilities > Network > Wireless Adapter > Use Internal.