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Software Release Notes

Please update your robots and iPads as soon as possible to receive the benefit of these updates.

May 2024

Robot Version: 3.7.1

Companion App Version: 5.0.5- PROD 340

This RK Companion App updates includes:
  • Key improvements to Guest Mode.
  • New features designed to improve the overall functionality and user experience. 
  • Ability to "Quick Pair" student and facilitator devices:


April 2024

Robot Version: 3.6.7

Companion App Version: 5.0.5- PROD 338

This RK Companion App updates includes enhancements to:
  • Enabled video streaming and full-screen image functionality on tablets without pre-downloads, ensuring accessibility for all users.
  • Ability to "Skip Download" for modules for improved quality and speed of video streaming
    • image-20240403-202036


February 2024

Robot Version: 3.6.7

Companion App Version: 5.0.5- PROD 334

This RK Companion App updates includes enhancements to:
  • User operability with older iOS devices
  • Assisting with re-pairing if a device goes into sleep mode

December 2023

Robot Version: 3.6.5

Companion App Version: 5.0.5- PROD 331

New Social Skills lessons!

We've added two modules to our Social Skills curriculum, with new 14 lessons designed to prepare students for real-life scenarios, helping them remain calm and confident in any situation. 

These "Calm Down Anywhere" and "Situational Safety Drill" lessons include new interactive features and visual enhancements that align with our evidence-based strategies and robot/avatar-led lessons.


October 2023

Robot Version: 3.6.3

Companion App Version: 5.0.4- PROD 313


What's New in RoboKind Phonics?

Units 3 and 4

  • With this addition, our Phonics platform now includes 4 units with 68 lessons!

Progress Monitoring

Pre- and Post- Assessments

Mini Games

  • Students can now trace, write, and fill in missing letters on an interactive whiteboard. 

Enhancements to Digital Sound Wall


September 2023

Robot Version: 3.6.2

Improvements to systems that increase lesson responsiveness and reliability


August 2023

Robot Version: 3.6.1
Companion App Version: 5.0- PROD 295

Introducing RoboKind Phonics!

  • Unit 1 (Lesson 1 - 28)

  • Unit 1 (Lesson 29 - 41)

  • Support links and documentation direct to HubSpot


June 2023

Robot Version: 3.5.3
Companion App Version: PROD 282

We're thrilled to announce a series of enhancements to our RoboKind platform! We believe this update will improve your experience and make teaching with our tools even more rewarding.

New Features

  • Lesson Resume: Interrupted lessons can now be resumed. After a lesson was interrupted the teacher will have the option to resume the last lesson after they have selected the student.

  • Intro to Phonics Demo: Located on the robot display Demo → Interact → “Intro Phonics”

Performance Upgrades
We've made the following key improvements to our performance:

  • Smoother Robot Movement: Our robots now perform animations more seamlessly, reducing any noticeable stutter, thanks to an upgrade in our movement system.

  • Speedy Lessons for Slow Networks: We've updated our lesson system to preload more content, ensuring seamless lessons even when your network is slow or weak.

  • Fewer Lesson Pauses: We've also reduced long pauses during lessons, to provide you with a smoother and uninterrupted teaching experience.

Reliability and Bug Fixes
Finally, we've made significant strides in reliability, including:

  • Corrected false disconnection warnings during lessons.

  • Resolved cloud server bugs that could cause lesson interruptions.

  • Squashed various iOS and Web app bugs and timeout issues, ensuring more reliable usage across platforms.

  • Improvements to Wi-Fi strength