Robot and Device Technical Setup

Follow these 12 steps to successfully set up your robot and devices.

Please complete the following tasks in sequential order PRIOR to the Robot/Device Readiness meeting you will have with your Partnership Success Manager. 

  • Steps 1-5 can be completed prior to your robot's arrival. 
  • Steps 6-11 must be completed once your robot arrives AND you have the two iPads/devices (one for the facilitator and one for the student). 
  • Step 12 (the final step) is to meet with your Partnership Success Manager to run a practice lesson.

Step 1

Activate your RK Central account. You should have received an email from RoboKind Central with a link to create your password. 

Step 2 

Read through our network requirements

*if needing to connect with Certificates, or by configuring a USB drive, read through our  Advanced Network Requirements.

Step 3

Whitelist the following RoboKind emails:



Step 4

Verify that and are classified as approved educational sites. 

Step 5

Read through our RoboKind Getting Started for Information Technology

Please note: Steps 6-12 require the robot AND two iPads/devices

Step 6

Unpack your robot

*to learn about what's inside your case, click here.

Step 7 

Install the battery and plug robot into power source.

Step 8

Connect the robot to WiFi
  1. On the robot's screen: Utilities -->Network-->Setup WiFi
  2. Look for your WiFi name using the up and down arrow (Tap "Ok" when you find your WiFi name)
  3. Enter in your WiFi password (tap "ok" when completed 

*to make sure it is connected go back to the Robot's home screen and look for WiFi bars on the top right corner

Step 9

Update the Robot Software
    1. On the robot's screen: Utilities-->About-->Sofware Version
    2. Software Version should be on our latest version (What's the current version?
    3. If not, tap the back arrow twice, tap "Update Software" icon
    4. Once updated, click reboot (you do not need to reboot if your robot was already up to date)

Step 10

*Complete this task ONLY if you will be using iPads
  • Install the RK Companion App on your iPad(s)
QR Code


*iPad requirements:

  • any iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, or iPad Pro which is updated to iOS 11.0 or later
  • iOS 13.0 or later recommended
  • When purchasing new iPad's, we recommend devices which support Apple's latest iOS version
  • Apple iPad devices with at least 3 GB free
  • Ability to sign into the iPad and download sofwatre from the Apple App Store®. 
  • WiFi and an internet connection speed of 5 Mbps is recommended. 
  • Student and Facilitator must have separate iPad devices. 

Step 11

Pair your robot & devices for the first time!

    Step 12

    Schedule a 30-minute meeting with your Partnership Success Manager and run a practice lesson to confirm your robot & device readiness. Please bring your robot(s) and devices to this meeting!